2017. január 30., hétfő

~ Celebrate ~

I don't have an album about my wedding. I don't even have a layout about my wedding. I was not happy with the outcome of the photos, so I just didn't even have my pictures developed.

In March we are celebrating the 10th anniversary of our wedding, so I decided it's high time I did something with at least a few of them, so first I created a canvas.

I used chipboards as background, I misted, and I used some stencils with modelling paste ( the white parts sort of disappeared behind the photos and the embellishment :( ). I embossed some flowers with gold embossing powder on tracing paper and I used some paper flowers, too.  I couldn't leave out blings either :)

It didn't come out the way I planned but I still love the result. As for the colours, I was inspired by the actual challenge at Lindy's Stamp Gang. Mainly I used Steel Shimmer spray and Gag Me With a Spoon Magical powder. As for the embossing, I used King Midas Gold embossing powder. I have got my hands on these product only recently, it's difficult to get Lindy's products here unfortunately, but it was love for the first sight...:) ( *sigh*)

I would like to take part in the challenge Lindy's launched. Of course, in the very last moment, as usual...:(

I would also like to have a go at More Than Words blog, where there is a double challenge: the word 'CELEBRATE' has to appear and the creative challenge part is to use BLINGS. I think I met the requirements ;) Blings can be found all over my canvas :)
I also combined with a layout-challenge :) If you go to Mixed Media & Art blog, you will see, why I used this particular sketch ;) I loved the sketch, but I didn't stick to the colours.

Now let me show you what I created: 

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2017. január 25., szerda

~ One love ~

With this tag I would like to take part in the challenge of Happy Bunny.
I just loved the colours  - turquse, purple and silver - and I wanted to create a tag anyway so this challenge was pefect for me :)

Here is my take on the task: 

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~ I am happy ~

I don't think it needs explanation...:) The title is "I am happy" and I created it to place it on my shelf. Not that I need a reminder...:) 

I would like to take part in the challenge launched by 


I chose the greenish-brownish palette. These are colours I don't often use, at least together - I normally hate green. So this was the other challenge part for me ;)

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2017. január 14., szombat

~~~ Happy moments here and now ~~~

Nem szokásom kihívásokra jelentkezni, de a színvilág most annyira eltalált...:)

Sajnos utolsó pillanatban készültem el, így fotózni csak lámpafénynél tudtam, gyalázatosak is a fotók, a színek sem jönnek át egyáltalán:(

Eszter barátnőm hívta fel a figyelmem egyébként erre a kihívásra, amit a Mixed Media & Art nevű csapat indított, és a moodboard egyenesen nekem lett kitalálva...vagy ezt már írtam?

Íme a moodboard:

Vászonra alkottam; gessoztam, ragasztottam, stencileztem, volt egy kis repesztőlakk, egy kis festés, viaszpasztázás, chipboard, szórógyöngyök és darák és voilá! :)
Persze élőben sokkal jobban néz ki, szégyen a fotók minősége :(

Usually I don't do challenges, but this moodboard was created just for me :) The challenge is launched by Mixed Media & Art, and today is the last day when I can send my work. Even if it is a last minute piece and there is no way I could take proper photos of it ... :( I'm devasteted, still I don't want to miss a chance here :) 

I also took a chance at Love to create blog, which I have just found. 

I worked on canvas; there was some gesso, some glue, beautiful chipboards; also a pinch of masking and cracking paste, I painted a lot, I put some micro glass beads and some magic and voilá! :) 

I hope it will do the trick...;) 

Here are the horrible shots: 
UPDATE: at the bottom there are a few more pictures taken in daylight. Not sure if they are better, but that's all I could do :(

UPDATE photos: 

 Köszönöm, hogy benéztél!
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